Piroska Apartmenthouse



The House is at 27 Gesztenye Street, Zalakaros.

The whole house or the apartmens are to let.

You are welcomed on our web-site!

Our guests desire for recreation and recovery are pleased in the familiar, well equipped apartmens with no regard to their ages. Our apartmenhouse is especially suitable for families and big companies of friends (10-12 persons).

The house is situated in a calm, peaceful environment in a cul-de-sac which is one the most popular parts of Zalakaros. The house is about 4-5 minutes convenient walk from the world-famous,popular Spa. There are a lot of beautiful houses here with much of green field around them and people are friendly.

In the following we would like to introduce the apartmenhouse by some flashing pictures.

The apartmenhouse consists of two private entrances and a basement. On the top floor you can find three double bedrooms, a bathroom, two toilets, a kitchen and a balcon. Accessories improve your convenience: underfloor heating, televisions and wall to wall carpets.



On the ground floor you can find two double-bed rooms, a spacious living room (with a television, confortable armchairs, two spare beds), a kitchen and two terraces. The spacious terrace facing to south is especially delightful. Quite a big part of the green field covering the garden of the house is especially suitable for children to play. The other part of the garden is covered that you can use to park. It is confortable and safe for 5 cars.

Additionally, there is a garage can be locked for a car if you need. The courtyard is enclosed and can be locked.


The Sarmellek him transporting our guests coming to an airport and their packets onto Zalakaros we undertake it.


The whole house can be run all the year round, underfloor heating supplied by gas makes it possible.

Our prices are favourable and you can get some allowance according to the number of guests, days, season, children and pensioners. Our giuding price is 3000 Ft/person/day.

We do hope that reading this short guide you are convinced about:

„If you choose us, you make a good choice!”, and can spend a pleasant holiday at our house.

All visitors are welcomed! Be our guest! You can make contact with us:

Dr. Horváth Ferenc

Telefon: +36 82 / 471-250

Mobil: +36 30 / 311-61-15

Fax: +36 82 / 471-250

e-mail:  ferenchorvathdr@t-online.hu